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Howard Stern Show:  We recently turned down a good chance to have one of our tunes played on the Howard Stern show.  Here is a front page article from The Idaho State Journal discussing this decision and other successes/difficulties surrounding Brandt Morain.  We would like to extend a very special thanks to Journalist Jimmy Hancock and Managing Editor Ian H. Fennell for this wonderful writeup and interview!

BrandtMorain Volume One had a full page in the February, 2010 Edition of Alternative Press Magazine, sold nationwide at all major retailers.  Click here for stores nearest you.  

Brandt Morain has taken a strong stance against Music Piracy.  Here are some articles written about our efforts to fight Piracy.


USAToday Magazine runs an article about our Anti-Piracy Fight!  Click here to see the article!!  

                                               This link is no longer active, Sorry!

Rolling Stone Magazine contributing writer, Eric Danton, wrote the following two articles about Brandt Morain’s Anti Piracy fight.

Check out this article featuring Blink-182's Lead Vocalist, Tom DeLonge and BrandtMorain.

"Fighting digital piracy: Band decides to no longer sell CD"

                                               ----- Eric Danton,    Reporter for The Hartford Courant.
                                                                                                  Contributing Writer for

                                                                                                  Rolling Stone Magazine
                                                                                                  M Music & Musicians

                                                                                                  Listen, Dammit     

                                                                                                  Performing Songwriter &
                                                                                                  No Depression Magazines

Several newspapers have printed articles about our Piracy battle in the U.S.

Here is a breaking news feature in "The Idaho State Journal",  Pocatello, Idaho.  

Our fight against Piracy has irritated a lot of folks. Check out the ranting on these forums!!

Interesting Piracy Debate on a Pro-Recording forum:

Here is another debate--very vicious:

Here is a piece from an Australian blogsite that likes our Anti-Piracy stance.

Here is a piracy article about Video game creator Electronic Arts and Brandt Morain 

Marie, our Director of Marketing at Brandt Morain PR, deserves credit for handling

these forums with such grace.

Here are all the Press, Reviews, News and Interviews that currently exist for Brandt Morain Volume One.   We post all reviews and press at this sight--good or bad.  We do not accept reviews from close friends or family or groups with ulterior motivations.  This is necessary in order to guarantee that all reviews come from independent and unbiased sources.  

Top Articles


"Volume One is a flawlessly produced album"

"A tour de force of music, which is an homage to musical purists around the world."

"Volume One is a complete breath of fresh air in today’s age, something I wish other 

artists would aim to follow."                     

                                                                                                         -----"Music Review"  

"Music Review" has done the First Interview of Brandt Morain and also written Articles 

about us!! Click here to read the Interview and Articles.

"Music Review" ranked "Brandt Morain V1" higher than Journey's latest album--"Revelation" ,

giving BrandtMorain a score of 77 and Journey a score of 75.

Here is the Brandt Morain review.   Here is Journey’s review 

Click here to check out "Music Review"'s Twitter Commentary.


"We think they are GREAT!!!  Find them a label and get $10,000!  It should be easy for they

are incredibly UNIQUE!"

"Their voices intertwine to make listening a magnetic experience you can't easily walk away from."

"Jared Brandt and Eddie Morain of "Brandt Morain" have come out with a new album that offers

great harmonies and smooth rhythms that combine for an excellent unique sound."


                                                           ------"Hollywood_Tweet",  Entertainment Review 

                                                                                                      Internet Radio Shows

                                                                                                      Talent & PromotionalGroup


Click here to check out Hollywood Tweet's Twitter Commentary.



"Brandt Morain have exceptional talent, their music is pure quality!"

"They take dedication to their work to an entirely new level & have an abundance of credentials, 

creatively channeled to produce first class quality of sound!"  

"Brandt Morain take excellence in their field to a whole new level!"

                                                              ------Patricia Mostyn, Ticket Master & Posse Agent 

                                                                      Independent Music Reseller, Australia

Click here to check out Patricia's Twitter Commentary.    



"I fell in love with your music! WOW!!!!!"

"You have the absolute best music that I have heard in a very, very long time."

"My favorite music! They are offering a $10,000 finders fee!"

                                                             ------Kjelene Bertrand, Radio Talk Show Host

                                                                                                  Host/Producer of "Voices of

                                                                                                  Success & “Woman on the


Brandt Morain V1 was the Official Music for Kjelene's Radio Shows.  

Click here to check out Kjelene's Twitter commentary.


Brandt Morain “Volume One” is an album wrapped in the musical expertise of two talented guys. 

Jared M. Brandt and Eddie B. Morain Sr. have it all—style, substance, and sound."

"Brandt has more than 25 years experience as a professional musician and electrical engineer

and has spent time performing rock to reggae throughout the Northwest. Having dipped into a

myriad of genres, his vocal, drum and keyboard skills are well honed to deliver a solid performance every time."

"Morain’s guitar and vocals are just as impressive given his years spent playing country music 

while touring the Western U.S.  His strong guitar and vocal performances add just the right balance

to the album’s rich sound."

                                                                                  ------Karen Plant, Published Journalist &

                                                                                          Amateur Symphonic Musician.  





"Jared Brandt and Eddie Morain make this awesome duo of Brandt Morain"

"Volume One speaks right to your heart!"

"The music is pure, the vocals are real, and the sound unlike anything on the market today!"

"If you are looking for the purist sound possible, then take Brandt Morain Volume One                                                                       home...and TURN IT UP!"

                                              ------Susan Leak, Published Writer for The Examiner  

                                                                          Media Manager and United States

                                                                          Tour Contact for The Damien Cripps Band

                                                                          CEO of Renagades Music 

Click here to Check Out Susan's Twitter Commentary.


“Jared M. Brandt and Eddie B. Morain, Sr. put forward a sample unlike what I have seen for a 

 while in my relatively short lifespan."

"You honestly do have a golden piece of music (Soul of Gold)."

"I’m definitely convinced that the beauty of what is presented can’t be ignored."

                                                            ------Animedancer87, Amateur Filmmaker

                                                                                               & Foreign Rock Band Promoter

Click here to checkout Animedancer87's Twitter commentary.


"Listened to a new CD today, Brandt Morain "Volume One", I was blown away with the Great Sound.  You need to hear it too! "

"You told me that you thought that I would like it, (Rule of Man)...More than like it, 

it is a penetration of the Soul! It is inspirational."

                                                                 ------Gary Beasely, Author, Amateur Musician, 

                                                                                                Writes for "The Abundant Gift"

                                                                                                a Conservative Blog

Click here to check out Gary's Twitter Commentary.


Thanks everyone for your fantastic reviews and commentaries!  We truly appreciate all the

effort being put forth here.  If anybody happens to see a review or press concerning Brandt Morain

that is not posted here then please contact our Publicity Group at Twitter so that we can get it published right away!!

We will continue to publish new works as the come in.  More to come!

Thanks for taking the time to review our reviews!! 

Sincerely,  Jared & Eddie.

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Recent News

Radio Appearances and Current Broadcasts

Jared Brandt appeared on “The Manning Report” with Dr. James Manning.

(broadcast date -- April 17, 2012)


                                   Click here to listen to the interview.

We wish to thank Dr. Manning and his staff for their wonderful hospitality and support! 

Brandt Morain is now part of “The Manning Report” program.  Dr. Manning uses segments from our album as bumper music for his show.  “The Manning Report” is broadcast 5 days a week from New York City.


In February of 2013, Record Labels “FrostByte Media” and “Sonorous Entertainment”, who have as their distribution partner Universal Music Group, contacted Brandt Morain with the intent of signing us.  We were tempted by this deal considering that Universal Music Group is the largest distributor of music in the world.

But alas, after several weeks of negotiations, we simply could not come

an agreement on the terms of the contracts.  

We wish to thank Sonorous Entertainment and FrostByte Media for

considering us!