BRANDT MORAIN - RULE OF MAN (Official Music Video)

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Our YouTube video has gone Viral 
                   (Over 7 Million Views!)
     Notice:  YouTube shutdown this    
   video one week after Jared Brandt  
    announced his bid for Governor 
                      of Idaho
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Jared Brandt appears on New York Radio Show, “The Manning Report” with Dr. James Manning. 
                                 This interview is about our anti-rap tune,”The C is Silent in Rap”.
Brandt Morain becomes one of the top Unsigned Artists / Unsigned Bands on YouTube. Brandt_Morain_becomes_Top_YouTube_Indie_Artist.htmlBrandt_Morain_becomes_Top_YouTube_Indie_Artist.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0
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Brandt Morain turns down chance to be heard on The Howard Stern Show
Watch Rule of Man Video in High Definition

     Jared was offered the opportunity to host “The Manning Report” last August. 

   Jared would like to publicly thank Dr. Manning for this wonderful opportunity!

“Rule of Man” with over 7 Million views becomes the most heavily viewed Independently produced 
                                                      Religious Music Video in the World.Brandt_Morain_On_The_Radio.html
Jared M. Brandt declares his intent to run for the Office of Governor of Idaho.Jared_Brandt_runs_for_Governor_of_Idaho.html
Dr. James Manning interviews Jared on“The Manning Report”, broadcast from New York City.  This interview is regarding his bid for the Governor of Idaho
Brandt Morain concludes negotiations with Record Labels FrostByte Media and           
                         Sonorous Entertainment/Universal Music Group Reviews,_Interviews,_Radio_Appearances_and_Press.html